Dr.P.K Abdul Gafoor


Dr.P. Fazal Ghafoor

M ES State President

MES THE MUSLIM EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY was founded by late Dr. Abdul Gafoor in 1964 at Calicut was supported by a large number of professionals and businessmen. The farsighted vision of that great personality did miracles with MES and was the corner stone of all success that MES achieved through years!. The main objective of the MES is educational, social and cultural up-liftment of the Indian Muslims. The secular organization with firm belief in the Indian polity views that protective reservation is essential for the salvation of the downtrodden backward classes. The principle of the organization is to keep away from party politics and sectarian religious philosophy. However it does not ban members from taking part in politics or religious organizations. It gives great emphasis to religious education in its institutions. Women's education is another main theme of the organization. It emphasizes the democratic values that are inherent to Islam and believes in the principle of collective responsibility in running the organization. The MES adheres to the concept of social justice and is in the forefront of the fight to achieve this. The cardinal principle of the organisation is that the development of the individual leads to the development of community, which finally leads to the nation building.


In order to co-ordinate the academic and co-curricular activites of MES Schools, MES School Education Board was set up with its headquarters at Tirur.All the examinations, except public examinations are conducted by this Board. The examinations are normally conducted for grade VI to X during an academic year strictly following CCE prescribed norms. However, there are no examinations for classes like Pre-Primary and Primary,Internal Assesments are made with the help of monthly worksheets and observation charts prepared in accordance with their aptitudes in different fields. General Assessment sheets are prepared twice in a term and accordingly grades are awarded in these classes.Conducting Orientation Courses and quality improvment programes for teachers, co-ordinating inter-school competitions in Arts, Sports & Games, evaluating academic performance of schools and suggesting remedies for improvements, organizing training course in Montessori for teachers, implementation of Montessori system of learning for students, providing part time teachers / counsellors, printing text books for Arabic and Moral Education etc. are the other areas of services rendered by the Board. MES School Education Board offers one year Post Diploma part time course to graduates with B.Ed or graduates with Diploma from MMI, to acquire eligibility to handle primary montessori