Published 15-06-2024 by Admin

Bakrid Celebration @ Montessori

Bakrid celebration was conducted on 14/06/2024 in the Pre-Primary section of MES Central School, Tirur

A special assembly was conducted. Children actively participated in Bakrid-related programs. After the assembly, children were served with 'laddu'. A group of children dressed in traditional attire performed Oppana, Kolkali, and a group song related to Bakrid. Overall, the celebration was very grand, and children enjoyed all the activities to the maximum.

Primary Montessori Bakrid celebration :          
All children were taken to the auditorium for the bakrid celebration. Bakrid message and related videos were given. Oppana, Arabian dance and Mappilapattu were performed by the Children. Sweets were distributed to all the students. They happily coloured the picture based on Bakrid festival.